Horses Helps Humans to be Real, Honest, and Present!


Being in the energy field of a horse is a powerful experience. They share their energy to calm and ground us, and to bring us fully into our bodies in the present moment. Horses are deeply aware of the world around them, and their natural mindfulness helps us to raise our own awareness. By staying grounded in the present moment with the horse, we are able to discover and accept our truth.

Being in the presence of a horse also invites an individual to increase awareness of their environment and experience the here and now. Engaging in mindfulness, is essential to coping with life and reducing distress.

The human benefit of being in the present with one’s horse can be a mutually improved relationship, mentally, emotionally,  physically and spiritually.

The power of being in the now is natural for horses. If we want that power, it needs to become natural for us as well. A horse can be our greatest teacher, reminding us to be fully present not only when we ride but in every moment of our life.

Love is what you give your complete attention to. Children know this, so do horses.

Horses are basically ONLY interested in your heart. They are not interested in your agenda, or your to-do list. They want to know what your truth is in THIS moment. Learn to make that journey from your head to your heart and feel how life changes.

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